The growth of timber industry in Israel

The timber industry in Israel is steadily rising. This industry is different from the other industries at the required level of finishing, precisely operations that fit the needs of the customer.

The timber industry is an industry that is gaining momentum, in the field of furniture, pergolas, carpentry and more. The importance of the product's appearance requires a great knowledge and therefore the wood warehouses employ skilled professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in the wood products and industries.

Ways of providing timber in the industry

Despite what everyone thinks, the wood trees that are sold in Israel does not grow in the Holy Land and therefore it is imported from abroad. The wood is imported from countries where controlled logging is carried, but a small proportion of the trees are still produced locally.

Advantages of using wood

For example, we can take the field of home design in order to understand the importance of wood material even in the modern age. First of all, the wood is a hard material and not water-soluble. Second, its natural color provides a natural and authentic home decor look. There is no doubt that the wood provides a more decorative look in the home.

Wood in the furniture industry

There is no doubt that wood is a major raw material in the furniture industry in Israel. It is important to understand that every tree has a variety of uses and therefore a lack of knowledge in this area may spoil the production of certain furniture. For example, oak is used in the manufacture of home furniture such as dressers, tables, dining areas and many other storage units.

Wood in the construction industry

It is important to recognize the importance of wood material in the construction industry as well. For construction purposes, boards or wood panels are usually used, which undergo several processing and polishing steps. The wood serves as the foundation of the building's foundations, but later is also reflected in the design elements of furniture, stairs, housewares, doors and more.

In large countries around the world we still see massive use of wood for construction purposes, but even in the country there is quite a bit of wood used for construction, especially when it comes to lightweight wood frames.

There is no doubt that the timber industry is unbelievably important.
If we look around, almost everywhere there is some sign of the fine wood material.

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